How to fix MSVCR100.DLL is Missing

This msvcr100.dll is the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable dll that is needed for projects built with Visual Studio 2010. The dll letters spell this out. 

MS = Microsoft
V = Visual
C = C++
R = Redistributable

When starting some applications or games like angry birds and fruit ninja for PC this error may occur. But don’t worry. Here is an easy solution to fix MSVCR100.dll missing error. Download and Install the files below depending on your operating system version and you can start your application or games.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Fix for Slow Boot up after installation of Dotnet Framework 4

Early this morning after I install dotNet Framework 4. My PC Start to boot very slow. So I search the internet for solution and luckily i found it.

Slowdown will happen if you have the following:

- Windows XP SP3
- installed .NET Framework 4

Here is what I found to fix the problem:

Solution A

1) Run cmd.exe from Start > Run
2) Type cd\
3) Type cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\
4) Type NGEN executequeueditems and press Enter
5) It will take about 10minutes depending upon system speed. After the process is complete, the following prompt will appear in the command prompt C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\
6) Type exit to close the command prompt.

After performing these steps, your computer will boot up at usual speed.

Solution B 

Microsoft hasn't provided an official fix yet, but here is the fix that solves this slow system startup.

Just download the fix tool, unpack it and run. It will probably take few minutes to process.

From : RejZoR

How to Create QR Code with

QR codes have become quite a norm with newspapers, websites and magazines where people are asked to click a picture and read the QR code to perform certain actions. Now you will be able to do the same without having to worry about using software to create the codes.

Google publicly launched their URL Shortener with extra feature where you can convert a URL to QR code which can then be read by a mobile device.

To create a QR code with, just shorten the URL and add ".qr" to the end of it.
For example  is the shortened URL for, adding .qr to the URL ( will display the QR code which you can then download and add to your webpage or application.


Canon IP1600 Service Manual

This Service Manual contains several section of service procedures, such as

Chapter 1: Product List
Chapter 2: Product Specifications
Chapter 3: Error Display
Chapter 4: Service Mode
Chapter 5: External View
Chapter 6: Troubleshooting Flowchart
Chapter 7: Special Notes on Servicing
Chapter 8: Product Technical Info

This Service manual is also applicable for:
Canon Pixma IP1200
Canon Pixma IP1300
Canon Pixma IP1700
Canon Pixma IP1880
Canon Pixma IP1980

How to fix Windows XP Activation Loop

Do you encounter a windows XP activation loop? Where it continually ask you to activate windows, but the activation wizard will tells you that it is already activated.

What you need: Untouched Windows XP Disc Installer or Original/Backup copy of windowsXP Disc

I always encounter this problem everytime I repair-install a Windows XP system. So here is what I did to fix the problem. First restart your PC then

1.) Log onto Windows using SAFEMODE with command prompt.
2.) Wait until the windows boot then Type "explorer" in the command prompt.
3.) Explore Windows XP CD and copy the TOOLS folder (located at support folder) to C:\
4.) In the TOOLS folder extract the (this will create a new folder called deploy).
5.) Open the DEPLOY folder and run SYSPREP.
6.) Click FACTORY button. Notice that your PC will shut down.
7.) Power on your PC and wait till the windows desktop screen appear.
8.) Once finish Click RESEAL button and wait. Notice that your PC will shut down again.
9.) Power on again your PC and your done.

You may also be able to use the fix from Microsoft here

Ipad Service Manual

This Ipad Service Manual contains several section of service procedures, such as 

Ipad disassembly and reassembly
Installing iPad Ambient Light Sensor
Installing iPad Battery replacement
Installing iPad Front Glass Panel
Installing iPad Headphone Jack Microphone Assembly
Installing iPad Home Button Switch
Installing iPad LCD
Installing iPad Logic Board
Installing iPad Metal Display Clips
Installing iPad Speakers

Download | File size: 27mb

Canon Pixma MP760 Service Manual

This Canon Pixma MP760 Service manual has been issued by Canon Inc., to provide the service technicians of this product with the information necessary for qualified persons to learn technical theory, installation, maintenance, and repair of products. The manual covers information applicable in all regions where the product is sold. For this reason, it may contain information that is not applicable to your region.

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