World Smallest PC?


While im browsing the net, I came across with this Apple Sized PC, I don’t know if this the worlds smallest PC but it’s still exceedingly small measuring just 52mm x 52mm x 55mm.

It’s called the Space Cube. It has a built-in 300MhZ processor and it’s also equipped with 64MB of SDRAM. There are a bunch of ports, such as USB, Ethernet, Flash memory, a VGA port, serial connection and Audio port.


 Space Cube specs:
•    200MHz, 250MHz or 300MHz CPU
•    64MB of DDR SDRAM
•    IEEE1355 (SpaceWire)
•    XGA Video Output (1024×768)
•    USB1.1
•    LAN (100BASE)
•    Audio (Stereo)
•    RS232C
•    JTAG I/F (I’ve no idea what that is)

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