Fix common Windows annoyances with FixWin Utility

 FixWin is a portable freeware application that repair & fix some of the most common Windows annoyances & issues which maybe faced by a Windows Vista & Windows 7 user.

Some of the problems that can fix by "Fixwin Utility"

   1. Recycle bin icon missing from desktop
   2. Games Explorer is not working or unable to open Games Explorer folder.
   3. Windows Media Player does not show slideshow correctly
   4. Enables folder option.
   5. Fixes show hidden files,folders & drives.
   6. Restore the windows sidebar.
   7. Fixes Recycle Bin icon, when it doesn't refresh automatically.
   8. Explorer.exe won't start at boot in windows.
   9. Device Manager is not working properly.
  10. Aerosnap is not working.

It has been tested on Windows 7 & Vista, 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

FixWin 1.2
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