How to Reset Canon ip1980 and IP1880

When you try to print and a pop-up message appear saying that "The ink absorber is full" it means that the ink absorber or wastepad inside your printer is almost full. In order to solve this you need a technical knowledge on how to disassemble the printer and software resetter.

FIRST STEPS:  Entering Service Mode

First you have to enter in service mode state in order to used the resetter. To do that follow this procedure,
1. Unplug the power cable of the printer.
2. Press and hold down the power button with your index finger and then plug-in the power cable.
3. While holding down the power button, press the reset/resume button twice and release the power button
4. You will notice that the Alternate Blinking error is gone, this means that the printer is in Service Mode state.
5. Download Canon IP1980 Resetter Here
    Download Canon IP1880 Resetter Here

SECOND STEPS: Using the Software

1. After you download the resetter, extract it and double click "GeneralTool"
2. Select or Check the EEPROM CLEAR then click the MAIN button, you will notice that the power button light will blink. It means that the it clear the waste ink counter.

3. Unplug the power cable to turn off the printer
4. Then plug-in again the power cable. then turn ON the printer. And its DONE!

Warning: Getting rid of the error message won’t change that you might end up with ink leaking out of the printer if you don’t either replace or clean them. 
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