A trick to hide your files behind JPEG image

Do have files that you consider confidential? or a files that you don't want to see by your wife or kids? then hide it behind the JPEG image. Here is a clever and simple trick to hide your files behind Jpeg images.

Here is what you need:
  • WinRAR installer
  • Image or Picture files 
  • and the Files that you want to hide.
1. Download and install Winrar
2. Next create a Folder then put any IMAGE file and the FILES that you want to hide inside.
3. Compress the files that you want to hide by selecting the files then right click then select "Add to [Foldename]"

4. Now you will see that a new compress file is created
5. Now here is the trick: Enter to command prompt and navigate to where you put your files (in my case I created a folder in the root of drive C: ),  if you are using Windows7 just hit SHIFT + Right Click the mouse anywhere inside the folder then select "open command window here". Then type in command prompt:

 copy  /b  logo.jpg  + hidden.rar  secret.jpg
Where: logo.jpg is an image | hidden.rar is compressed file to be hidden | secret.jpg is new image files with hidden file.

6.  You will notice a secret.jpg file is created. Now you have a jpg image file with your files inside it. Now who will think that your files is hidden inside a jpg image. :)

To access the hidden files: just rename or change the extension file .jpg to .rar and you can view or extract your hidden files.
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