How to uninstall Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze from Faronics is an excellent program for Internet cafe that saves you from headache and hassle of reformatting your PC every time your PC encounter problem. 

But if you want to remove deep freeze, Here are the steps on how to uninstall  Deep Freeze from the software’s manufacturer site. But first you have to Disable Deep Freeze before uninstalling it.

To disable Deep Freeze:
  1. Hold down the shift key and double-click the Deep Freeze icon. Alternatively, you can press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F6.
  2. Enter your password and click OK.
  3. If you have not yet entered a password you should be able to click OK without entering a password.
  4. The Boot Options dialog is displayed. Select "Boot Thawed" and click OK. This will disable Deep Freeze on the next reboot.
  5. Reboot your computer. After the computer reboots, you are ready to uninstall Deep Freeze.
To uninstall DeepFreeze:
  1. Locate the installation file you used to install Deep Freeze on your computer. By default, the name of this file is called "DF5Std.exe" for versions 5.X and "DF6Std.exe" for versions 6.X.
  2. Run the installation file (DF5Std.exe or DF6Std.exe).
  3. Select the option to "Uninstall"
Deep Freeze is uninstalled and your computer is rebooted.

What to do if you forgot your password?

There are no backdoor passwords to Deep Freeze. Faronics cannot recover lost, forgotten, changed, or otherwise misplaced passwords or Customization Codes.

For Deep Freeze Enterprise:

Using our unique One Time Password system, Deep Freeze Enterprise Administrators can generate One Time Passwords (OTP). To generate an OTP:
  1. Open the Deep Freeze login dialog on the workstation for which you need to generate the OTP.
  2. Write down the Token code which is located at the top of the login dialog.
  3. Open the Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator and click the One-Time Passwords tab or open the Enterprise Console and click on Tools > One Time Password.
  4. Enter the code you recorded into the Token field and click Generate OTP. Another code will appear in the OTP field. The second code is the password for the workstation.
The newly generated One-Time Password can then be used to disable, uninstall, and re-install Deep Freeze with the correct password.

For Deep Freeze evaluations
(with no License Key entered):
  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Enter the system BIOS settings.
  3. Advance the clock by at least 60 days and then restart your computer. This will disable the software.
  4. After the system has started, run the Deep Freeze installation program to uninstall Deep Freeze.
  5. After the computer reboots, re-enter the BIOS and reset the clock to the current date. You can then  re-install Deep Freeze after restarting.
If you are running a licensed copy of Deep Freeze Standard please contact Faronics Technical Support at Toll Free: 800-943-6422 or Tel: +1 (604) 637-3333 with your license information so that a support case can be opened on your issue.
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