How to Move installed Apps to other Drive

Most of the time we install lots of software like games and Apps in Drive C and result in getting our drive full, I find it irritable when i need to install software and find out that my primary partition just cant hold enough of my software and i have no choice but to relocate it manually or worse uninstall some of my software installed. But with Steam Mover i can easily move installed Windows apps and games from my Drive C:\ to other drives like Drive D:\ with a push of a button.

Steam Mover is a freeware portable apps that can easily move installed Windows Apps and Games from one drive to other drives (like Drive D:\ or E:\) Steam Mover was originally designed to help hardcore gamers move their downloaded games to other drives, in order to free up space on their primary hard drive. But it turns out that it works well with other applications too.

Note:  Works only in Windows 7 and Vista, and only on NTFS formatted hard drives.

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