How to Remove Bios Password for Acer Laptops

If you key in the wrong Supervisor password three times, an error code is generated and system is disabled like in the image below.

To unlock the BIOS, perform the following steps:
   1. On a different machine, run the BIOS_PW.EXE file along with the error code generated. For example:
        bios_pw 14452 0
   2. Four ASCII strings are generated as output. Select and note down any one of the strings.

   3. Reboot the machine with the locked BIOS and then use either any of the strings as the BIOS user

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Anonymous said...

program doesn't work. It just generates random letters and numbers, each different, every time no matter what you enter.

Anonymous said...

Works like a charm!. thanks mate

Anonymous said...

Has worked with two acers I've tried. Remember to notice the zero after the error code at the command prompt.

Anonymous said...

This program worked perfect on an aspire 5920 WOW! much appreciated You saved my ass

Anonymous said...

Worked with the first code! Great!

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