How to Analyze HijackThis! Log file

HijackThis is an easy way to find and fix nasty entries on your computer easier. Therefore it will scan special parts in the registry and on your harddisk and compare them with the default settings. If there is some abnormality detected on your computer, HijackThis will save them into a logfile.

But analyzing this log file is not easy even for advanced computer user. Here are few sites and downloadable tools that can automatically analyze HijackThis log file for you and gives you recommendations based on the analysis.

  1. Log Online analyzer - copy paste the log file or upload it directly, and the site will analyze HJT log for you.
  2. HijackReader 1.03 Beta - HijackReader is a free application which reads HijackThis log files and tries to give advice on what to fix.
  3. Spy and Seek - Browse to upload a HijackThis logfile on your computer and Press the Analyze button.
  4. Help2Go Detective - automatically analyze your HijackThis log file, and give you recommendations based on that analysis. Can detects 12422 malware signatures, including the Peper and CoolWebSearch trojans.
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